Who Is Tess Maree?

Hello & thanks for wandering by my new website! It’s taken me a while to create this as it truly is a labour of love for all things creative especially my passions of design & photography. Yep! I developed it all on my lonesome! And with a lot of help from Skillshare! My other big love, learning!

So, without further ado, welcome to That Little Studio Co., a little studio with BIG dreams. 

I’m an Aussie Photographer now living in beautiful New Zealand, a Photographer’s dream place! I adore capturing the essence of food & simplicity of interiors while delivering visual stories of the travelling lifestyle with vibrant and uplifting imagery that is honest and engaging.

In 2016, I founded That Little Studio Co to represent myself as a Lifestyle Photographer asI love helping budding start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs turn their visual visions into reality with meaningful photography. I enjoy using a mix of documentary & editorial style photography to capture the spirit of subjects and moments & I enjoy producing unique finished concepts by blending my skills as a photographer, stylist & graphic designer.

I am currently whetting my wanderlust appetite travelling gorgeous New Zealand with my camera, pen and paper in hand capturing this stunning world as I see it.

But how did I come to be here you may ask?… When I was 14 my Dad was diagnosed with Dementia. Seeing what a fragile thing memory can be drove me to pick up a camera and start documenting everything. When I started travelling and upgraded my camera, I began to take photography more seriously and dove into learning everything I could about the craft. It took me many years until I gathered up the courage to admit that I wanted to be a photographer for a living so I enrolled in a Diploma of Photography and the rest is history. I’m now doing what I love and loving what I do.

If you'd like to follow my travels, feel free to sign up to my “travels from afar” e-postcard series where I share my mementos & musings to inspire others to pursue their creative dreams, however big or small.