Who Is Tess Maree?

Hello & thanks for wandering by my Website! It’s taken me a while to develop and launch this monster as it truly is a personal labour of love for all things I enjoy creatively; Photographystylingdesigntravellinglearningand growing. So, without further ado, welcome to That Little Studio Co. My little studio with BIG dreams!

I’m an Australian Lifestyle Photographer now slow-living & consciously travelling through stunning New Zealand while helping budding start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs turn their visions into reality with meaningful photography for their personal branding products & services. 

I'm a self-confessed food, coffee and cafe connoisseur and while my daily dose of caffeine is important, it's not the only thing I am addicted to; unique & practical interior design gets my rocks off so, by blending these passions, I naturally gravitated towards Café Lifestyle & Accommodation photography.  

But how did I come to be a photographer at all you may ask? … At age 14 I was told my Dad had Dementia. After witnessing how fragile & precious memories are, the experience inspired me to pick up my first camera. Once I started travelling in my 20’s I threw myself into the skill of seeing through the lens and became obsessed. I view the worlds tiny subtleties in quiet moments while always in a constant pursuit to document the grandiose of mother natures majesty. After 10 years of travelling I founded That Little Studio Co to represent myself as a Lifestyle Photographer. 

In 2019, I felt compelled by the state of the environment and our stressful lifestyles to think about one’s impact and make more meaningful connections while on the road. So, I made the move to New Zealand indefinitely to experience the full scope this stunning country has to offer by engaging within the communities, living with the locals, connecting with the culture & fully appreciating all the beauty in between, slowly & patiently. Watch this space for my conscious, slow-travel experiences throughout New Zealand. 

If you would like to work with me, send me a message and let’s collaborate!.