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• Hi, I’m Tess Maree •

Hello & thanks for wandering by! Welcome to That Little Studio Co. A little studio with BIG dreams! 

I’m Tess Maree, an Aussie creative who is now living the slow-life in stunning New Zealand.

I enjoy helping budding start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs turn their visual visions into reality with engaging photography & design.

My motivation is simple; to encourage and inspire others to chase their creative visions, goals and dreams, however big or small. 

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• Work with Tess Maree •

 Tess Maree creates bright, clean, vibrant cafe lifestyle and food photography, both commercial and editorial. Based in Auckland, New Zealand.

So you’ve got a creative project in mind and all you need is some professional photography to bring it all together. You want to work with someone who is professional yet down to earth, someone you can bounce ideas off, someone who understands your motives and can grasp your visual concept and you want it all wrapped up in a simple, neat little package. Well, I can and want to help you achieve your visual visions for your brand!  

I love collaborating with like-minded, down to earth go-getters on new creative projects to make your visual dreams a reality. Most of all I luuuurve embarking on new adventures big or small and doing what I love by capturing this stunning world as I see it while collecting newfound companions along the way.

If you dig my style and would like to collaborate together, let’s get that ball rolling… info@tessmaree.com. 

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Tess Maree's Blog & Musings

A visual treasure trove of adventures from afar…

These mementos & musings are a celebration of the beauty and diversity of this incredible world we live in. I hope they rouse your sense of adventure & deliver some wonderment to your day. Visit “More Musings” for more visual stories.