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Thank you for reading & viewing my mementos & musings. I hope you enjoy the following visual & written story that ensues, all images taken in and surrounding areas of Adelaide, South Australia.



Adelaide is often endearingly referred to as a ‘big country town’. Flying in from above you see the Adelaide Hills hug the city on one side as it kisses the ocean on the other. In the centre is the quaint little city and it’s tallest high-rise building standing at a cute 132 meters high with 31 floors. Your eye can follow The River Torrens as it snakes its way from the mountains, diverting through the city as makes it’s exit out to sea. 

It’s this accessibility that makes Adelaide so charming. You can be in the hills sipping celebrated South Australian wines among lush vineyards within 20 minutes of driving North or if you head 20 minutes West you can be dipping your toes in turquoise waters & crystal white sands on a stretch of beach all to yourself.

It’s also why it’s such a good base for a traveller; you can scratch those itchy feet with small adventures close to home whilst saving for the big journeys abroad.

The best time of year to visit Adelaide is what the locals call “Mad March”. The city is abuzz with music, film, art, sports, circus & food festivals that all collide with one another creating a melting pot of culture & whole lotta’ crazy.  

During ‘Mad March’ the locals emerge from hibernation to enjoy the frivolity that surrounds them. It’s a time they both relish and revile as their quaint little town literally turns into a spectacle. The population sky-rockets with visitors from all over the Nation and the World attending one of the many events held all at once in little ol’ Adelaide town.

There’s the elaborate and creative Fringe Festival which takes over Rundle Park creating a magical fairy land of pop up tents, food stalls and markets called The Garden of Unearthly Delights. This is where local & global artists inject the park with their rambunctious & relentlessly entertaining comedy, burlesque, circus, song & dance. 

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All above images taken in Adelaide ~ South Australia

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All above images taken at McLaren Vale wine region, Adelaide ~ South Australia

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All above images taken on day trips within 2hrs of Adelaide ~ South Australia

Just down the road you’ll run into the car enthusiasts attending the Adelaide 500 Supercars & hear the roar of their engines where the track takes over the East of the city.

While just a skip over the River Torrens, the atmosphere changes completely slipping you into a more leisurely manner as you hear the melodic tunes drifting from Womad, the world music festival that brings the international music stage to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens turning it into an enchanted other-worldly music haven.

The South Australian weather turns it on in March. Hot sunny days with azure blue skies and balmy summer evenings to enjoy the extra sunlight due to daylight-savings.

Some days the mercury gets a little too enthusiastic and temperatures reach sweltering. It’s a nostalgic Australian experience to endure a 40+ degree summer day. It somehow brings a community closer together knowing everyone has the same excuse to do absolutely nothing. Particularly when it gets so hot it causes black outs due to the mains power fuses being burnt out. It’s simply time to head to the beach and even with the rest of the population seeking the same relief, you can still find a stretch of beach to yourself along the great South Australian coast line and watch one of the best sunsets over the ocean with candy floss skies as the sun dips behind the seas horizon. 

You may even be treated to a complete weather transformation and experience a cracking Adelaide summer storm. Dark clouds roll in from the ocean like a velvet blanket as the sky turns a dusky shade of deep violet whilst you listen to the distant growl of thunder and the smell of respite as the rain cools the hot earth. 

But as Mad March comes to an end, the music starts to fade, the fairy lights are dimmed, the circus tents are lowered and the track is dismantled and little ol’ Adelaide returns to its traditional conformity. A month of madness is all the locals can take.

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I spent more time escaping Adelaide planning and embarking on grand adventures or short getaways than experiencing it so, I still have so much more of it to see. After 3 years in little ol’ Adelaide I developed a love-to-hate and hate-to-love affair with the town, appreciating it more whenever I left.

Like people, I believe places drift in and out of your life cycle offering lessons and enriching your existence. Some places steal pieces of you whilst you deliberately misplace pieces of yourself in others, always feeling the sense that you need to return. 


It’s a common feeling among travellers being wracked with the feeling of being homesick but not knowing where home is. I’ve learnt home can be more than just a place, it can be a multitude of things such as a person, a state of mind or simply a feeling.

I have since concluded that my home might be ‘that big country town’ and I find myself longing to pick up the pieces I’ve planted there. Adelaide embraced me after my many travels. It kept me safe, gave me sustenance and taught me lessons. I was continuously looking forward to leaving Adelaide’s small-town mentality whilst always looking forward to returning to its never changing familiarities; there’s a sense of reassurance arriving back to a place I know is slow at evolving.

Whilst you can lose pieces of yourself in places, you can never leave a place without taking pieces of it with you either. After experiencing life in the slow lane, I find myself grateful for little conveniences, small gestures and quiet company. It turns out, a little bit of old-fashioned Adelaide has taken root within me too.

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All above images taken at Barossa Valley, Adelaide ~ South Australia

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All above images taken at Second Valley & Rapid Valley, Adelaide ~ South Australia

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All above images taken at Victor Harbour & Port Elliot, Adelaide ~ South Australia


As the world is getting more accessible, our choices need to be more conscious.  

Choose your purchases wisely & avoid single use plastics.  If you see rubbish, pick it up.  Let’s all contribute to the solution not the problem.


Leave nothing but footprints.

Take nothing but pictures.

Kill nothing but time.


 Thank you for wandering by and reading my musings. Please feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you think or if you have any questions. All images are available for purchase for personal or commercial usage, please contact me for prices and licensing.

All photographs were taken by me, Tess Maree unless otherwise stated. It’s always courteous to give credit where credit is due. If you would like to credit me for images you share I’d be forever grateful, thank you. 

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All above images taken at Port Willunga Beach, Adelaide ~ South Australia

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